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From all the girls in the hockey team of Chak De India , Sagarika Ghatge (Preeti Sabharwal) certainly seems to have made an impression. Just after a month from the release of her debut film, Sagarika has already bagged her second film in the form of Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul.

Sagarika caught the fancy of Apoorva when he saw her performance in Chak De India and approached the newcomer. She has apparently agreed to do the film which will also have Shreya Saran in a leading role. While Shreya reportedly plays Zayed Khan’s wife in the film, Sagarika is to be a CIA agent. Vivek Oberoi, Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan, Shabbir Ahluwalia and newcomer Nikitin Dheer (son of character artist Pankaj Dheer) complete the cast of Mission Istanbul. Abhishek Bachchan will appear in a cameo. The movie is slated to go on floors from October 20.

We also hear that Chak De India is setting a record of sorts and recently the Aryans Business School (ABS) has included the movie as a part of their MBA curriculum. Apparently the film will be taken up for a case study that will help management students turn into effective leaders of tomorrow.

The ABS is of the opinion that the movie that starred Shah Rukh Khan as the coach of India’s National Hockey team that goes on to win the World Cup will help students understand concepts such as human resource management, motivation, determination, leadership and overcoming the worst situations in life. According to ABS, the film can be a good role model to be followed by one and all.

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Dhamaal Review

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Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey

Direction: Indra Kumar


We’ve become so accustomed to vulgarity in the name of humour that we’ve forgotten to appreciate clean comedies. Which is why I want to roll out the carpet for this week’s new Bollywood release, Dhamaal, a genuinely funny, plot-driven family comedy directed by – surprise, surprise – the king of melodrama himself, Indra Kumar.


The film stars Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey and Ashish Chaudhary as a bunch of unemployed, down-on-their-luck no-gooders who go in search of a ten-crore rupee treasure they learn about from a dying mob-boss.


As luck would have it, the secret of this hidden treasure also reaches the ears of a crooked cop, played by Sanjay Dutt. So now you’ve got five guys heading in the direction of this stacked-away money, each encountering oddballs along the way, each trying to reach the location before the others so he can claim the full amount himself.

What’s refreshing about Dhamaal is the fact that it doesn’t fall into any of the traps that recent hits in the comic genre – Partner and Heyy Babyy succumbed to – it’s not vulgar, it isn’t full of sexist jokes, the dialogues aren’t stupid, and you don’t feel like the gags are being stretched out endlessly.


Having said that, let’s not get too carried away and put either the director or the writers on a pedestal just yet, because Dhamaal is after all a rather blatant rip-off of the evergreen Hollywood hit, It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

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Hansikaa Motwani’s Language problem

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Nowdays, Hansikaa is concentrating mainly on Hindi Movies. Though her debut movie was in Telgu, Desamuduru, she feels that learning Telgu is much harder. There are many unlimited offers for hansika in Telugu Industry but still she is not taking them up just because she is not able to mug up the Telugu dialogues. She says “she is interested in doing in many more films but the language is giving a problem to her which is the reason she is rejecting these nice offers”.

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Katrina meets Salman in jail against all odds

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Katrina Kaif
New Delhi: Salman Khan is in jail but at least he has some reason to cheer. The actor’s close friend and actress Katrina Kaif flew to Jodhpur to visit him in jail.

Along with Katrina, Salman’s brother and actor Arbaaz Khan, sisters Alvera and Aprita, and sister-in-law and actress Malaika Arora Khan also visited the actor who is lodged at the Jodhpur Central Jail.

Though the jail’s visiting hours for the day had ended, the superintendent allowed Katrina and the others to meet Salman for about half an hour at around 1500 hours IST.

According to the rulebook relatives can meet prisoners only between 0900 hours IST and 1100 hours IST on Sundays.

Katrina and Arbaaz refused to speak to reporters who were waiting with hundreds of Salman’s fans at the airport in Jodhpur and headed straight for their hotel.

According to jail authorities Salman had a sleepless night on Saturday. He read a novel to pass the time but avoided any interaction with other prisoners, sources told PTI.

After a breakfast of chana and tea, Salman was examined on Sunday morning by a medical team that found him fit.

Known as Prisoner No. 343 and held in barrack number one, the actor was taken into custody and sent to jail on Saturday following dismissal of his appeal by the District and Session Judge Kamalraj Singhvi against a five-year jail term slapped upon him by the trial court in the Chinkara hunting case.

The actor may have to spend more nights in jail because his bail hearing may take place only on Wednesday, as it’s a court holiday on Tuesday.

As per the jail manual regulations, relatives and friends of a prisoner can meet him once in a fortnight.

Bollywood finally opens up on its underworld nexus

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Abu Salem’s statements have once again dragged a rather reticent Bollywood into the limelight for its alleged links with the underworld.


The film industry has seen many allegations in the past, about filmmakers and actors interacting with the underworld, and now Bollywood has spoken out.


“The reason why this nexus existed was because we didn’t have the stature of an industry and the banks were never ready to finance a film,” filmmaker Anurag Basu told CNN-IBN.


“As a result the producer had to go to underworld to get the finances. You can see the record for the last 4-5 years and there has been no underworld connection in any of the productions,” he said.


Abu Salem’s words have once again sent a shiver down Bollywood’s spine. The gangster’s narco analysis statement has opened a can of worms, putting the bollywood underworld nexus back in the spotlight. And the film industry’s feeling the heat.


Filmmaker Subhash Ghai is the first to react to Salem’s statement that Ghai had paid Rs 25 lakh rupees as extortion money to Anees Ibrahim, brother of underworld don dawood ibrahim.


Next on the gangster’s list of names was Ram Gopal Varma. Salem says that the director famed for his movies on the underworld, was on Anees’s hitlist. The filmmaker has this to say


“The whole Bollywood underworld nexus is exaggerated much more than what it is. I have no idea about Salem’s confessions,” said Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.


Other famous names have also been tossed around in Salem’s statement—Rakesh Roshan and JP Dutta who Salem said didn’t pay a rupee in extortion money, despite receiving threats from the mob.


Bollywood has always kept silent on instances of funding by the underworld, but filmmakers now maintain that the industry has been trying to make sure that its sources of financing are as transparent and legitimate as possible..


“Today’s corporate world allows us to actually get money from big companies and we know actually the source of their funding” said filmmaker Vivek Vaswani.


Bollywood may hope that extortion calls are just a thing of the past, but sometimes the past can be little too close for comfort.



Pick of the week

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Chak De India girls kicked my butt, says SRK

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Chak De India

You won’t see him cry, you won’t see him clean shaved, you won’t see him romancing his co-stars and you won’t see him bash up bad guys. King Khan, as he is fondly called is back in his third off-beat role after Swades and Paheli where he plays the coach of a women’s hockey team in what’s considered to be one of his most challenging characters he has ever portrayed onscreen. Here’s an exclusive interview with Shah Rukh Khan on his next big release Chak De India.

Chak De India appears like a very non-SRK film with you having no romantic liaisons or tear-jerking concerns.

I have known the director (Shimit Amin) for years. He is a very simple, hardworking and talented guy. He has worked with me in the film Asoka. He’s a very sweet, unassuming kind of a guy and to choose a film which is on sports and which is normally neglected is daring. Apart from Lagaan, Hip Hip Hurray and Iqbal we haven’t really made sports film now. It’s something that I wanted to do when I was younger but I didn’t get a chance. So when I am old and grey and over the hill I am glad someone like Shimit thought that I could sort of fill in to a sports film. Field hockey has been a personal favourite sport of mine and I have been wanting my kids to learn it. I do feel I am no one to really comment from the outside that the state of Indian Hockey is not good but I have always felt that if there is anything I can do via the medium I love, that is acting, I will go to any extent to do it. Plus the fact that Yash Raj was producing it made it even special because they are all friends and family to me.

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